Text: William Austin 
Language: English 
Ensemble: SATB (div.) 
Accompaniment: a cappella 
Genre: Christmas 
Duration: 3.0 minutes 
Catalog Number: NWC-197

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Sample Score

Wake, O Earth is quite simply an exuberant celebration of the coming of the Savior into the world. It’s full harmonies and lively rhythms overflow with joy and excitement in anticipation of the blessings that are about to be bestowed upon humankind. 

"Wake, O earth, wake everything! 
Wake and hear the joy I bring; 
Wake and joy for all this night, 
Heaven and every twinkling light, 
All amazing, Still stand gazing; 
Angels, powers, and all that be, 
Wake, and joy this Sun to see!" 

Hail, O Sun! O blessed Light, 
Sent into this world by night; 
Let Thy rays and heavenly powers 
Shine in these dark souls of ours; 
For most duly, Thou art truly 
God and Man, we do confess; 
Hail, O Sun of Righteousness! 

William Austin (1587-1634)