Considering commissioning a new work for a specific text or occasion? Nancy would enjoy hearing from you! 

Nancy tailors her commissions to each individual ensemble’s strengths and interests, which has led to the creation of a large and diverse body of works in a range of styles and complexity. Ensembles typically enjoy the voice leading and vocalism of Nancy’s works, an outgrowth of Nancy’s own experience as a professional ensemble singer. Her keyboard accompaniments are equally enjoyable to play, a result of her education as a concert pianist. While her body of work is predominantly vocal, she is also experienced writing for strings, brass ensembles, and other instrumental combinations. 

Equally at home writing sacred and concert music, commissioning possiblities include: responsorial psalms, arrangements of american tunes and spirituals, children’s choirs and church anthems; choral concert suites; double and triple choir works with complex and advanced harmonies. Nancy writes within the bounds of tonality while exploring new sonorities and progressions, and always in service of the text.