Text: Sara Astle Carruth (b.1986) 
Language: English 
Ensemble: SATB (div.) 
Accompaniment: a capella 
Genre: Secular 
Duration: 3.0 minutes 
Page Count: 10 
Catalog Number: NWC-200

Available from J. W. Pepper.

Sample Score

I feel the glow of spring transcend 
The gloomy dim of winter’s heart. 
New life begins to make amends 
Of every cold and shattered part. 

And bud by bud, blossoms anew 
The love that fled grief’s bitter frost, 
While sunlight’s hope streams softly through 
Kindling the soul that once was lost. 

Awakened from this seasoned sleep, 
How bright the world now seems to be 
Oh, to grow beyond the chill so deep 
I too embrace the dawn, alive and free. 

Though storming clouds and rains may come 
The roots of spring stand steady still 
Now grounded in the reigning sun 
While reaching for a higher will. 

I feel the glow of spring’s new song 
Stir my senses toward the light 
‘Til yearning turns to pleasure strong, 
And dormant dreams take boundless flight. 

To thrive despite the winters past; 
To learn what all the seasons know; 
I face the ray of change so vast, 
To live, and ever more to grow. 

Sara Astle Carruth

Sara Astle Carruth, Nancy Wertsch, Brady Allred