Text: Spiritual 
Language: English 
Ensemble: SATB 
Accompaniment: A cappella 
Duration: 2-3 minutes 
Page Count: 8 
Catalog Number:  ISBN 9780193870284

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Published by Oxford University Press. 


Ride On, King Jesus was written for the Feast of Christ the King which concludes the liturgical year in the Roman Catholic Church. Composed for St. Joseph’s Church in Greenwich Village at which my husband Christopher Creaghan was music director, Ride On is an expression of jubilation over the realization that Jesus, God of infinite goodness and love, is our only true master. 

Ride on, King Jesus! 
No man can-a hinder me. 
Ride on, King Jesus, Ride on! 
No man can-a hinder me. 

For He is King of kings, 
For He is Lord of lords, 
Jesus Christ the first and last, 
No man works like Him. 

King Jesus rides a milk-white horse. 
The river of Jordan He did cross. 

King Jesus rides in the middle of the air. 
He calls the saints from ev'rywhere. 

African-American Spiritual