Text: Fanny J. Crosby 
Language: English 
Ensemble: SSAATTBB 
Accompaniment: A cappella 
Duration: 4-5 minutes 
Page Count: 16 
Catalog Number:  ISBN 9780193870260 

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Published by Oxford University Press. 

Didn’ my Lord deliver Daniel, 
deliver Daniel, deliver Daniel. 
Didn' my Lord deliver Daniel, 
then'a why not every man. 

He delivered Daniel from the lion’s den, 
Jonah from the belly of the whale, 
and the Hebrew children from the fiery furnace 
an’ why not every man. 

The wind blow east, the wind blow west 
it blow like judgement day 
an’ every poor soul that never did pray 
be glad to pray that day. 

I set my foot on the gospel ship 
and the ship begin for to sail. 
It landed me over on Canaan’s shore 
an’ I’ll never come back no more.