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Celebrate the 30th anniversary of
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day January 16, 2016,
with the rousing anthem 

Blessed Assurance

The arrangement commissioned by the Riverside Church in New York City, and performed at the inaugural nationally televised celebration conducted by Wendel Whalum at Dr. King’s church in Atlanta.

For SATB (div), high soprano solo, organ & piano.

Available choral music (a cappella unless otherwise noted)
e=easy (accessible to the average volunteer choir)
m=medium (for experienced volunteers or with section leaders)
d=difficult (advanced-professional level)
Anthems & Sacred Texts
NWC-188  Ave Maria SATB, organ (e)  
NWC-113  Benediction   SATB (e) Benediction
NWC-195  Cantate Domino SATB (div.), organ (m)  
NWC-150  Christ, Our Passover     SATB (div.) organ, 2 trumpets (m) Easter
NWC-151  Consider the Lilies   SATB, organ (m/d)  
NWC-125  Go Through The Gates   SATB (div.) (m) Advent, Introit, General
NWC-193  In Monte Oliveti    SATB (m) Lent
NWC-130  Magnificat      SATB (div.) (e) Christmas, General
NWC-194  O Magnum Mysterium    SATB, S solo, harp and organ (e/m) Christmas
NWC-162   O Nata Lux   SATB (e)  
NWC-196  O Sacrum Convivium    SATB organ (e/m)  Communion, General
HL 50486712  Sicut Cervus SATB (m) Lent, General
NWC-190  The Beatitudes  SATB, B solo, organ (e)  
NWC-144  The Transfiguration    SATB, SATB soli, organ (m)   Transfiguration
NWC-105/106  America, The Beautiful       SATB (div.), med voice solo, piano or organ, optional orchestra (e/m) Patriotic
NWC-104  America (My Country 'Tis of Thee)  SATB (div.) (e/m) Patriotic
NWC-147  Amazing Grace (Black Gospel)   SATB (div.), piano and organ (m)   
NWC-103  Amazing Grace (Traditional)     SATB (div.), piano or organ (e)   
NWC-101  Air on the G String      SATB (e/m) Concert/general use
NWC-165  Deep River    SATB (e)  
OUP 9780193870277   Didn' My Lord Deliver Daniel   SATB (div.) (e/m)  
NWC-124  Go, Tell It On the Mountain    SATB (div.), organ (e) Christmas
NWC-127  Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley  SATB (div.), piano (e) Lent
OUP 9780193870284  Ride On, King Jesus  SATB (e/m) Christ, the King
NWC-138 Rock of Ages   SATB (div.) (m)  
NWC-183  Steal Away    SATB (div.), solo, (e/m) Memorial/general use
NWC-168 There is a Balm in Gilead SATB, S solo, organ (e)  
NWC-181  Were You There   SATB (div.) (m/d) Lent, concert
NWC-171  When Jesus Wept   SATB (div.) (e) Lent, concert
NWC-117  Charm Me Asleep    SATB (div.) (m)  
NWC-154  Hymnus Matutinus (concert suite) SATB (div.), S solo (m/d)  
HL 50486217  Shakespeare Suite  SATB (div.) (m)  
NWC-114  Shine On, Harvest Moon   SATB, piano (e/m)  
NWC-141  Songs of Our Savior's Birth  SATB, SAB soli, organ, opt. strings & harp (m)  Christmas
NWC-169  Songs of the Spirit (concert suite)  SATB (div.), A solo (m)  
NWC-200  Spring   SATB (div.) (m)  
NWC-164  Antiphon for God the Father   Triple choir SATB/SSAA/TTBB, S solo (m/d)  
NWC-115  Blessed Assurance (Black Gospel)    SSAATTBB, S Solo, piano and organ (m)  Martin Luther King Day
OUP 9780193870260   Blessed Assurance (A Cappella)  SSAATTBB (div.) (m/d)  
NWC-199  Cradle Song     SATB (div.), S solo or Children's Choir, organ (m)  Christmas
NWC-128  Laudamus Te   SAATBB (div.) (e/m)  
CV 09.920/00  Hail, Holy Light  SATB/SATB, S Solo (m/d)  
NWC-155  Let Us Break Bread Together (Black Gospel)  SAATBB, S or Mezzo solo, piano & organ (e/m)  
NWC-184  To Sleep   SSAATTBB, S solo (d)  
NWC-197  Wake, O Earth  SSAATTBB (div.) (m) Christmas
NWC-198 ...with peace in mind. (concert suite) SATB (div., some double chorus) (d) Concert, 9/11 memorial
Trebles: SA, SSAA
NWC-174 Jesus Walked This Lonesome Valley   Two part trebles, piano (e)  
NWC-131  Magnificat      SSAA (e)  
NWC-191  My God and King (Let All the World in Every Corner Sing)    Two part trebles, piano (e)  
NWC-177  Music, When Soft Voices Die     Two part trebles, piano (e)  
NWC-159  The Sayings of the Wise (concert suite)   SSAA, S or Mezzo solo, piano (m/d)  
NWC-175  Home on the Range      Two part trebles, piano (e)  
NWC-176 Mrs. Murphy’s Chowder      Unison voices, piano (e)  
NWC-107  America, The Beautiful        TTBB,  medium voice solo, piano (e/m) Patriotic

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